Here we share ALEXANDER THE GREAT Bio life History. ALEXANDER THE GREAT is a great person and play very important role in History.He was born in Pella in 356 BC and succeeded his father Philip II to the throne at the age of twenty. Alexander was a king (basileus) of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia and a member of the Argead dynasty.

Which year was Alexander born?

  1. 356 BC 
  2. 346 BC
  3. 340 BC
  4. 336 BC

Which famous warrior called the Hindu Kush “Parapamisus” meaning mountains over which no eagle can fly? (C SS 2015)

  1. Alexander the Great
  2. Genghis Khan
  3. Tamerlane
  4. None of these

Who of the following philosophers taught Alexander (tutor of Alexander the Great)?

  1. Aristotle
  2. Plato
  3. Socra tes
  4. Heraclitus

Which event coincided with the birth of Alexander?

  1. the burning of the Temple of Artem is at Ephesus
  2. the burning of the Library at Alexandria
  3.  Caesar’s kidnapping by pirates
  4. the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

The Father of Alexander was Philip II of Macedonia, but who was his mother?

  1. Olympias of Epirus
  2. Athena
  3. Helen of Troy
  4.  Cassandra

When Alexander sacked a Boeotian city, the family of which revered, ancient poet associated with Olym pic victors was famously spared?

  1. Bacchylides
  2. Catullus
  3.  Hesiod
  4. Pindar

Because of his unexpected, but the simple and often-quoted response to an offer made to him by Alexander, who would Alexander have wanted to be had he not been Alexander?

  1.  Aristotle
  2.  Diogenes
  3. Heidegger
  4.  Plutarch

Alexander the Great’s horse had a legendary strange fear. What was it?

  1. Quandary His own shadow
  2. Elephants
  3. Mice
  4. Loud Noises

When Bucephalus finally died in 326 BC Alexander had a state funeral for him and built a city in India where he died, naming it Bucephala. How old was Alexander when he became king?

  1. 10 years
  2. 15 years
  3. 20 years
  4. 40 years

Whose house was spared by Alexander when he destroyed Thebes?

  1. Archimedes
  2. Homer
  3. Pindar
  4. Euclid

Which knot was cut by Alexander?

  1.  Constrictor Knot
  2. Celtic Knot
  3. Gordian Knot
  4. Sailing Knot

Which city was captured after a seven-month siege?

  1.  Athens
  2. Sidon1
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Tyre

Where did Alexander defeat Darius III for the third time?

  1. Cairo
  2. Antioch
  3. Gaugamela
  4. Luxor

Who was killed by Alexander in a drunken brawl?

  1. Antigonus
  2. Seleucus
  3. Cleitus
  4. Philotas

Why Alexander’s son Alexander IV did succeed him?

  1. He died before Alexander’s death.
  2. He did not want to become king.
  3.  He was disinherited.
  4. He was born after Alexander’s death

Alexander the Great was born on or around July 20, 3§6 B.C. What major event occurred on the same day?

  1. The Trial of Socrates
  2. The Battle of Marathon
  3. Burning of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  4. The End of the Peloponnesian War

How did Alexander’s father Philip II meet his untimely death?

  1.  Killed in battle
  2. Killed under his falling horse
  3.  Drowned
  4. Assassinated

The young Alexander soon established himself, put down a Barbarian rebellion, then savagely attacked which Greek city?

  1.  Athens
  2. Thebes
  3. Sparta
  4. Corinth

In this year Alexander crossed the Hellespont, and began his invasion of Persia:

  1. 327 BC
  2. 344 BC
  3. 355 BC
  4. 334 BC

Alexander won a decisive victory over the far larger Persian Army, causing the Persian Emperor Darius to flee. What ‘prizes’ did Alexander find amongst Darius’ treasures in his camp?

  1.  Darius’ solid gold bath
  2. Darius’s whole wardrobe
  3. Darius’ Mother and Wife
  4. Darius’talentless book of songs

What did Alexander do when faced with the famous Gordian Knot?

  1. Set it on fire
  2. gave UP and went home
  3. Spent weeks untying it
  4. Cut it with his sword

5 B.C Alexander turned for the long road home, but decided to cross this pitiless desert?

  1. The Arabian
  2.  The Gobi
  3. The Makran
  4. The Sahara

Alexander invades India and defeated Porus in the Battle of Hydaspes in 326 BC. Currently, Hydaspes is known as

  1. Jhelum River
  2. Beas River
  3. Chenab River
  4. Indus River

Alexander’s general who attacked India and was defeated by Chandragupta Maurya was

  1. Ptolemy
  2. Seleucus
  3. Nearchus
  4. Arrian

Alexander stayed in India for:

  1. 16 months
  2. 20 months
  3. 24 months
  4. 19 months

When did Alexander invade India?

  1. 323 BC
  2. 326 BC
  3. 322 BC
  4. 298 BC

Who welcomed Alexander and his men in India?

  1. Ambhi
  2. Bessus
  3. Craterus
  4. King Porus

Who was the ruler of the kingdom between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab?

  1. Alexander the Great
  2. Darius III of
  3. King Porus
  4. Chandragupta Maurya

Who of the following kings helped Alexan against Porus?

  1. Chandragupta
  2. Nanda
  3. Bimbasara
  4. Ambhi

Which new weapon did Alexanders army meet the first time in India?

  1. Greek fire
  2. Elephants
  3. Chariots
  4. None of these

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