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Basic Computer Most important MCQs Questions

Which of the following is not an operating system? (A) Linux (B) Mozilla (C) Macintosh (D) Windows 3. Statistical calculations and preparation of tables and graphs can be done using (A) Adobe Photoshop (B) Excel (C) Notepad (D) Power Point Ans: B 4. Nod 32, Norton and Panda are (A) …

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Economy of World MCQs Quesions

Here we share most important MCQs Questions about Economy of World. it’s a very important topic of General Knowledge. one or two questions is must be mention about our economy.  The Balance of payment is understood as? (A)) The balance of amount after paying the debt (B) The balance of …

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World GEOGRAPHY Most important MCQs Questions part 2nd

Here we discuss the Geography of the world. Geography plays a very important role in world history. Every researcher has an important part to info about our world Geography. Here we share the most important MCQs Questions about the Geography of the world. these Questions is must be mention in …

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